Thursday, January 03, 2013

fragment remainders

There's not much you can do about it. Really you can't beat it so you might as well join it. I'm talking about Fridays and Friday Fragments collected and dispersed by Mrs. 4444.

Mommy's Idea

Back up the truck. I have a load of thoughts which are called fragments on Friday to unload.

Many of you might have enjoyed suffered through one or two of my youtube clips. I hope to keep making them because it’s fun and the grandkids enjoy them.

Oh, take a look at my last one (you may have seen it on G+).

I know Mrs. 4444 has uploaded many youtube clips. Through her youtube clips and blog we have all enjoyed her dogs. I suspect many of you have done a clip or two. What I discovered with my last two clips is the new set of enhancements offered by youtube. You can apply a number of video effects to your clip after it’s been uploaded. Don’t worry they let you revert back to the original if you don’t like the way the effect was applied.

If you would like to see the effect “cartoon”, check out the third clip from the top on my “Playing Around” page.

Still here after that silly youtube clip? Believe it or not, this fragment is not an attempt to lose anyone. However, it is about math.

When I started to write my first 2013 FF post, I thought 2013 might be a prime number. It’s not. If you multiple 3 with 11 and that answer with 61 you get the answer 2013. So that shows that 2013 is not prime. But when I was checking out the primeness of this year, I found out that 2011 is a prime. Not only is 2011 a prime but it is classified as one of a sexy prime pair. I didn’t know there were sexy primes. (of course being in your prime helps pulling off sexy) The other prime of this sexy pair is 2017. Given that info can you figure out what makes a sexy prime sexy?

OK, if you are still here, I promise I’m done with the math for this post.

A TV morning show announced “coming up, we talk to successful people for advice”. I said to my wife watching, “why not interview unsuccessful people and learn from their mistakes”. You know they would be more available.

Got my granddaughter laughing by trying to hold up about 5 of these big toddler type soft blocks.  I only held them together for seconds before they went flying in all directions.  She got a big kick out of it.

I always get down on the floor to be at their level when I play. I get the biggest kick out of watching a little one laugh. It reminds me how silly everything can be.

Back on New Year’s eve I posted on G+: 
Breaking news - Fiscal cliff replaced with fiscal ramp. Lawmakers cite Disabilities Act requirements.
Thanks Laurie for noticing and sharing a comment. Really folks there was not much drinking involved and I probably should have drank more.


OneStonedCrow . said...

hehe ... I love watching kids play ... and it's even cooler when I forget myself for a moment and am able to join in the fun ...

jnoragon said...

Hmmm. I wonder if successful people manage time successfully and therefore are available, with invaluable words.

Bearman Cartoons said...

haha at first I thought that white thing was your arm...but it didn't move

Kathy said...

I bet you are one cool and fun grandpa...certainly entertaining! Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

You are so right. It great to have that simple wonder again. thanks

lisleman said...

That might be. Their stories are interesting but I tend to believe luck/chance has a bigger part to it all than many people realize.

lisleman said...

No it's just piece of packing material. I had set up the "stage" quickly in my basement (total mess) and thought I would block off the background with something plain. The packing material was within reach. More time is spent editing.

lisleman said...

thank you - have a great weekend too.

Cheryl P. said...

Sexy prime, huh? You are right...I didn't know there could be anything sexy about prime numbers...or math in general.

That picture is so cute of your granddaughter. The little leggings are precious. We only have grandsons...I am now totally immersed in jealousy.

Laurie Matherne said...

Oh Bill. You are in YOUR prime. Sexy prime? Ask your wife, not me. And yes, i liked your post about the ramp and the financial cliff.

unknownmami said...

I like your idea of interviewing unsuccessful people.

lisleman said...

Oh wow does that mean I'll be getting calls?

lisleman said...

Hmm, for this forum I will just stick to the numbers. Using Latin the number 6 becomes sexy. I always knew Latins were sexy. thanks

lisleman said...

I bet your grandsons are very cute at times. All grandkids are precious. thanks

Keetha Broyles said...

This is just about my favorite meme party of the week - - - this and SIMC.

It took me a bit to "get" the fiscal ramp, I'm ashamed to admit.

THAT'S how FH "gets" me all the time with wild tales and I keep falling for them.

lisleman said...

A technical glitch? This comment didn't get picked up by the Disqus comment system. I don't understand why but I've been getting hit with lots of spam lately. - whatever - here's a comment from Keetha

This is just about my favorite meme party of the week - - - this and SIMC.

It took me a bit to "get" the fiscal ramp, I'm ashamed to admit.

THAT'S how FH "gets" me all the time with wild tales and I keep falling for them. on

Mrs. Ski said...

I think you get more of a kid's attention/intentions when you're on their level...if anything it makes them feel special to have your attention. :)

lisleman said...

I certainly agree. The adult gets the benefit of seeing things differently too. thanks

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