Sunday, December 02, 2012

your mission

Don’t worry there’s no deadline on this and this post will not self destruct (would be cool to make one that did). Of course, we all face one very dead “dead line” someday after which a friend might write a nice memory of you. I’ll assume that “dead line” is many many years off for all of us.

I'm getting a little stuck on a subject.  The subject of aging still lingers in my mind after writing a few recent posts on the subject.

Oh yeah, your mission if you choose to accept it (queue up the Mission Impossible theme here) is to consider the following two expressions and ask another person about them.

angry old men 

nice old ladies 

I suspect most all of you have heard and perhaps used these two age related gender specific phrases. I would like to know your feeling of the matching gender one applying to yourself.  In other words, are you a member of that group Also, it would be interesting to get the opinion of another (more if you feel like polling) person in your life. 

In case your inquiring mind wants to know. I hope I am not considered an angry old man but I don’t find the phrase to be completely non-applicable. I have my days occasionally.


Agnes Pages said...

Well, first of all, "old" is relative. I think one is never really old, only the older people are old.

lisleman said...

"only older people are old" - Did I somehow miss that advice/idiom. I like it. It's better than never trust anyone over thirty ("Wild in the Streets" movie) thanks

longhollow said...

I'm not sure when I'll really be considered 'old' but I will for sure always be a lady. Angry or nice - depends on the day!

lisleman said...

I suspect most people don't like the "old" part of the phrase. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

I read recently that they've done research on "grumpiness" and men do indeed become way more grumpy than women as they age.

lisleman said...

Researching grumpiness - we research everything. I'm not disputing the findings but my own father mellowed-out in his later years. thanks

Lilly said...

That really surprises me because I thought it was the other way round or maybe that's because we are down under or something. I do not associate old men as being angry at all. The ones I have known and know are far from that. However, older ladies can get a little whiny to me. I am fast becoming a old lady myself so I guess time will tell. I think we mellow as we get older. Men hold their age better than women. So maybe thats why women tend to get angrier than men. I shall have to investigate and come back to you. Love the music to inspire us.

lisleman said...

It could be that this generalization just doesn't apply very well. I am interested in your findings if you have time to investigate.

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