Tuesday, October 30, 2012

non scary Halloween thoughts


Not too scary reading the word "boo".  Hear it suddenly in some dark place and most everyone jumps.  Just sharing a few Halloween related thoughts please share yours in the comments.
  1. As a kid halloween was much longer. I recall going for TWO nights of roaming the neighborhoods. We always used old pillow cases and on a good night filled them until they were heavy to carry.
  2. My older brother (oh thanks for putting up with me) and I for a number of years dressed-up the same.  Our  hobo ( bums) outfits were fixed (unfix?) by mom. The best part was burning the end of a cork and blackening our faces with the ash.  Today this homemade black-face costume would not be politically correct.
  3. I even enjoyed getting the homemade caramel corn balls. You would probably be reported today if you handed out homemade food. Most parents would discard any non-wrapped items.
  4. Our mom would make pumpkin pie from the guts of the pumpkin.  Our own kids have enjoyed baking the pumpkin seeds, but I am typically the one that eats most of them since they are not a big hit.
  5. I don't remember many parents going out with their kids. Now it's the opposite. It's rare to see kids at the door without a parent in the background.
  6. I recall some pranks like soap on windows. I apologize. Bad judgment on my part. Oh, the item above (parents in the background) really reduced the prank level.
  7. I thought Halloween was just for kids until I was no longer a kid. I discovered a whole different side to Halloween with the costume party. Probably the only time a sucking vampire nerd could pick-up girls.  (I read that adults costumes outsell in total dollar amount than children costumes)
  8. We didn't have the halloween movie cycle back then.  I think scary movies would come out all during the year.  "Wait until dark" (it was released in Oct. guess I didn't make the connection) and "The Birds" were good ones.   
  9. Door-to-door trick-or-treat within your neighborhood is a nice social activity.  Neighbors don't always interact enough.  We are lucky to have an annual block party with good participation.
  10. Lastly, I think this a fun improvement - Halloween decorated pets.  As in most everything today, people can and do go overboard with it. 

This one is my favorite - 
going as another species.

How did they get that pose?

Check out the lace on this number:


Sorta disturbing - doesn't make me want eat:

The singer songwriter who gained youtube fame with her Walmart song wrote a funny Halloween one too.  If you want to get to the Halloween part skip to about the 1:44 mark.  Happy Halloween and get your hands off my candy.


unknownmami said...

My kids don't get to experience Halloween like I did. I've lived here for 15 years and no one has ever come to my door on Halloween.

Live High said...

No Halloween experience but my husband did tell us about the toilet paper pranks, don't know if that was during Halloween. Happy Halloween Bill and family.

Bearman Cartoons said...

We didn't have 2 days but we were out for at least 3 hours. 6-9. This 6-8 stuff is crap for the kids today

gbdb said...

I remember that Halloween was always on the 31st, no matter if it was a school night. Would you believe a few years ago, our subdivision voted to ensure that we wanted the kids to trick or treat on the 31st and not a weekend night. I was incensed, really people!

Kathy said...

As a kid we started trick or treating right after school in the day light and came home at dinner time...the older kids went out at night. Now people only go to houses they know people....I guess it makes sense the times have changed!Happy Halloween!

lisleman said...

Wow. None? You have posted about kids being at the nearby parks so there must be kids in the neighborhood. Lately the numbers here have gone up a little. Somewhere around 30+ stop during the 5 hours. The number for my parents when I was a kid probably was over 100.

lisleman said...

The "TP" prank happens all year round. It's usually High School related.

lisleman said...

They do 3-8 here. But honestly it seems odd in the afternoon. Many don't even go door-to-door anymore. thanks

lisleman said...

I think having events on the weekend is great but if you want to keep the tradition you need to have it on the 31st. Some holidays should not be moved. thanks

lisleman said...

Change always happens. I still believe trick-or-treat is a fun activity that provides a little walking exercise. Maybe candy is not as big a treat anymore. thanks

Agnes Pages said...

Lovely sentiments. I pretty much never eat candy or pumpkin-anything but I sure like everything about halloween :-)

lisleman said...

I'm guessing costumes and makeup. thanks

longhollow said...

We didn't go for two nights, but we went by ourselves after dark and it was awesome! We, too, used pillowcases. Afterwards, I'd dump out my candy and sort it by type, put it in jars, and pretend I owned a candy store. I was a weird child.

Tami said...

My memories are similar. No parents trick or treating with us (except when we were really, really young). Homemade food, yum! I do remember, however, a news report about razor blades in apples. After that year my mom didn't let me and my sisters eat the homemade food. Sad that we had to throw it away.

lisleman said...

Pretended you owned a candy store - funny. I don't think that is so weird. They sell pretend toy stores. thanks for sharing

lisleman said...

Yes the famous razor blade story. I think it was made up. Broken glass and drugs were other versions. There are crazy bad people out there but fortunately they are far and few. A strange Halloween panic swept the country. thanks for sharing.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've never heard of going out trick-pr-treating on two nights. We used charcoal for hobo costumes. It's a beard - there's nothing politically incorrect about that.

lisleman said...

the two night thing might have been a one time thing like a Saturday, Sunday because Halloween was on Sunday. No it was more than a beard we did our WHOLE face - definitely black face.

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