Tuesday, September 25, 2012

warning wandering brain cells

OMG I’m trying for FML. 

I can’t remember my own acronyms so I certainly don’t expect you to remember a post from weeks ago.  Lisleman definitions for these two: 
  • OMG - Order My Glass 
  • FML - Frozen Margarita Lips 

I traveled to O'Hare Airport last night to pick up my daughter. I gave myself plenty of time but I’m glad I did because the resurfacing work on the tollway made for an obstacle course. The airport trip offered more frustrations than the her flight. Someone should devises a frustration-per-mile (FPM) measurement.

The cell phone lot is a great idea and I have used it often.

I was pushing her some.  Need to allow enough time for getting to the gate, I repeated a few times.  The outgoing airport trip was made late morning on a Saturday (mom volunteered for taxi service that time). Their trip when smoothly and she texted me upon her arrival at the gate: 
I beat the plane to the gate. Too bad they don’t have a theatre here, I have enuf time to go see a movie! :-)

I have not always been early for flights and have missed at least one. High in my list of FPM (forgot, look back at the beginning of post):

  • Ground transportation to/from airport 
  • Foot travel and queues between airport entrance and gate

I’m most relaxed when I’m finally seated on the plane. But waiting around the gate area is not bad. Plenty of people watching opportunity, maybe enough time for beer, roam around gift shops, read a book, etc. 

My return trip from some western state was nearly postponed for another night once because of a beer. 

I arrived at the crowded gate and was told the flight was delayed for an hour or so. So I spotted a bar, found a seat and enjoyed a beer. I took my time.  I recall only having one, at most two. I stroll back to the gate which was not within sight of the bar. It’s completely empty. The plane is still there but the gate door is closed.  Their expected delay was shorter.  Luckily I was able to get a gate clerk at the next gate to call the plane and get the door opened. You know that feeling of everyone on the plane looking at you? 
Not very comfortable.

another circus 


joanne said...

I do remember some tall airplane stories. Remember Raspberries In Pie, too.

lisleman said...

You really liked the RIP one didn't you. Fruit pies are the best. thanks for stopping by.

longhollow said...

What an awful feeling to think you might have missed your flight! I don't fly much, but love airports!

lisleman said...

Since I could see the plane outside the window I was a little upset that they gave up on me. Just glad it got straighten out and I flew home on schedule. I don't fly much anymore. It was easier when a company was paying for the tickets. thanks

unknownmami said...

I don't enjoy the whole airport experience.

lisleman said...

It's been awhile but I thought SF airport was a better one. It can change depending on the day and if a system breaks down, etc. They can be very confusing. thanks

unknownmami said...

I like SF airport, I just have to put blinders on because I don't like crowds or people who can't wait their turn without getting in my way.

OneStonedCrow said...

Are the security searches as intrusive on internal flights as they are on overseas flights?

lisleman said...

From my experience I would say yes since 9/11. I do recall getting checked at multiple points at Heathrow.

Ducky said...

I hate flying. I have to be medicated to fly. With Irishman being an air traffic controller, I know way more about what happens in the 'friendly skies' than I should.

lisleman said...

Pilots often make bad passengers too. I'm not a pilot but have spent time with them. I wrote a post about "knowing too much flight info" back in 2009.

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