Wednesday, July 18, 2012

blog recession

I’m not predicting a blog recession. Vast amounts of words and pictures of painted toes are building up in the blog inventory (operation tow truck). However, we might be having a seasonal downturn in blog postings.  A summer vacation season slowdown. I do believe the number of painted toes pictures appear to be holding steady and should make for a strong 4th quarter showing. (don’t kick me with those toes if I’m wrong)

after b-game with friends I always grab my water and jet suit

But hold it, wait just a minute, don’t worry, Lisleman has an idea.

Real life taking over your virtual blogging life? 
Is your real life interfering with your social network time and social media growth? 

An exclusive time limited offer:

Sign up now for LOSER = Lisleman's Optimal Social Enhancement Recovery. 

A dedicated social engineer (me) will create a personal achievable plan to enhance your virtual social growth. Are you behind? Your behind will grow within weeks**. 

Leave a comment below to start TODAY. 

Lisleman - Often in error, never in doubt. 

** oh good you read fine print. I could use a few fine print readers but then so could the whole newspaper industry. LOSER results vary. You must be over 18 and have income. Toes are required. Not tax deductible. Probably not covered by insurance. Prices subject to change (what do you have in your wallet?)  Offer not to be confused with any Biggest Loser programming that you shouldn't be watching.  Not recommended by my mother or yours either.


Kathy said...

You are too much.....

bearman said...

I called my are right. She doesn't recommend it.

lisleman said...

I got you to call your mom. Now that's worth something.

lisleman said...


Secret Agentwoman said...

I hope you mean painted toenails and not painted toes.

lisleman said...

good catch but if I was doing the painting it would end up being being the whole toe. thanks

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