Sunday, June 10, 2012

it’s not like I’m burning down the house

Watch out
You might get what you're after
Cool babies
Strange but not a stranger
I’m an ordinary guy

Really it’s not like I’m burning down the house. Just blogging around a little. Maybe if I had the energy of Talking Heads’ David Byrne on stage then I could get a fire started with a few readers. (after a little searching I discovered he’s a little older than me)  

Back in 2010 I posted some random travel photos and asked readers to guess where the photo was taken. Like I said, it wasn’t burning down the house. It was fun. Today I was searching through some old photos and thought I would try the game again.

Hold tight

Here's your ticket pack your bag 
Time for jumpin' overboard 
Transportation is here 
Close enough but not too far 
Maybe you know where you are 
Fightin' fire with fire

end of the road or something else?

Where’s the Clown is a simple game (no prizes - life is not all wedding cake you know). You can place you guess in the comments below. I will give hints in the comment replies.  Also if you are really up to playing along, then post a similar picture challenge on your blog and leave the post address (URL) in the comments.

So what is it?  And where is it?


Joanne said...

It's the ramp to a ferry boat, which is off on a ferrying trip.  No idea where.  Lake Champlain? (looks too rural for that).  It doesn't appear to be a river.

Tami Miller said...

It looks like a ferry ramp to a small rural area.  I've only seen one in NC but I don't think this is where this picture is from.  The sand in the picture could possibly mean a coastal area.

lisleman said...

yes it's the ramp for a ferry.  You are also correct about it not being a river.  It's a lake in the middle area of the US.  You can keep guessing if you like.

lisleman said...

 Yes you got the ferry ramp part right.  But no it is not near the coast.  It's on a lake in the middle area of the US.  keep guessing

Barbara said...

I give up. I see it's a ferry but I even asked Mr. Google and he didn't know about any ferries on lakes in the middle of the US!

lisleman said...

I thought Google might turn up the answer but the search terms probably need to be very specific.  I just did a little searching and noticed that "ferry" turns up in the name of places.  Ok I'll throw in a riddle type hint.  The ferry is in a state starting with 'A' which borders on 2 states that start with 'T', 2 states that start with 'M', a state starting with 'O' and a state starting with 'L'.  Get out your map.

Frau said...

Certainly a ferry dock.....Lake Erie? 

lisleman said...

Yes it's a ferry dock on a lake but wrong lake.  The lake is man made.
I'll put the answer in the comment section and my next post later today.  thanks

Bearmancartoons said...

Looks to me like the clown drowned

lisleman said...

 good rhyme for a loon of a toon.

lisleman said...

Ok - I have a new post up and it has the answer but I'll leave it here too.
The Peel Ferry landing.

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