Wednesday, March 14, 2012

now why did i do that

I wonder if it would help if printed off a label like that to wear on those days.  A general warning for the unsuspecting public and family members.

It's a matter of control or lack of.  Losing it is a mistake except perhaps in the movies.

another circus 


Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm having the kind of day that would benefit from one of those labels... so I'm staying home and away from people.  Ugh.
Hope your day improves.  jj

lisleman said...

 thanks for the warning ;)   Actually today is fine.  It was yesterday.  Try  whistling to some cheery music.

atykesprogress said...

Well sweetie we appear to be 'doing' breakfast with eggs twice in one day ;0}. I could do with a label today, in fact most days this week... look out angry St Jude passing through.

lisleman said...

 wow looks like a few can identify with this.  Now don't throw your food!

Mrs4444 said...

I would go one further and add "Hi, I'm lazy" and "Hi, I'm pigheaded."

lisleman said...

 Too many types of warnings to cover?

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