Saturday, July 02, 2011

If I joke

If I joke about it, then it will not be a problem anymore - right?

Two old guys walk into a bar ….

<< Probably not, your joke is not going to help much.

Yeah but it’s NOT really a problem anyway.
It’s only natural. The normal course of events shouldn’t be a problem.

Going downhill is easy and fun. I remember rolling down hills as a kid. The world just flipped over and over. I would end up a little dizzy and might have grass stains on my pants. Oh the sand dunes were the best, no grass stains there. I was fine with over this hill and then that hill. I loved roller coaster thrills.

What? Those at the very bottom often don’t make it back up to the top?

Ok maybe I’ll try a different path. No sense in dropping too fast. I’m not in a big rush to get there.

Hey didn’t we just past those trees about an hour ago? Good thing I don’t get lost.

It’s good to know no one is pushing me.

What if I tied a bungee cord around my waist and you pulled me back up a little?

<<  How's your knees?

How much does a knee replacement cost?

Hey, listen, I have seen some funny sights on this path of life.

Oh yeah, so the second guy turns and says....

another circus 


Ripplespeak said...

love......thanks for the grins:)

lisleman said...

thanks - holiday weekend = slow days in the blogs.

tracismixedbag said...

I'm so confused. What are your knees doing rolling down the hill without you? You gotta tie those things up buddy, that's what knee pads are for. I once lost my lips in a poker game and had to trade my hot bod to get 'em back.

lisleman said...

I'm still good at confusion (one of my better talents).  Wow, describing that poker game (if allowed) would make a great post.
Oh when you are over the hill many things can get loose and start to roll.  Hard to keep a grip at times.

Jillsy Girl said...

I never did like rolling down hills, it made me too dizzy!

tracismixedbag said...

Go for it. Have a hayday. Imagine if we only got to be good looking by winning it in a poker game. Instead of rolling down the hill, my sanity flies away from me these days.

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