Sunday, June 26, 2011

40Th high school reunion

  • Old stories, 
  • new stories, 
  • it’s-a-small-world stories, 
  • memories, 
  • hugs, 
  • smiles

  • Those classmates that didn’t make it this far in their lives.
  • Learning that your no-fear, could-care-less attitude today could have gotten much closer to some of these people back then.

Having conversations with people who while in high school
would not have associated with you
you would have never approached. Prom Queen, Star Quarterback, Class President

(me) “oh hi, --
(quick glance at name tag)
(me) “oh, I remember you. - Weren’t you class president or something?”
(Joan) “Well I was the prom queen.”
(me) “Oh of course, how could I forget?”

Now years ago this embarrassing exchange would have ended at this point and she would have gone off to join some other happy faces. I would have finished my beer and gone back for a quick refill feeling foolish.

Not this time, 40 years since my awkward teen years, we continue to talk for another 10-15 minutes. Sharing where we live now, and little bit of our life stories. Had she walked away, I would have just moved on since she was not prom queen any longer. Maybe prom queens are not so bad after all.

It’s just too bad that we all didn’t act this way back then. These people of my same age were so nice to each other. We were grateful that others made the effort to attend.

Of course the people joining the reunion decided they wanted to be there. In some cases travelled across the country to join in. I can not say that for the time back when we were all in some class or lunch period. The biggest difference is a maturity that includes the knowledge that most of what was big stuff in high school is of no importance now.

Wisdom from growing old.


joaniemack said...

I haven't been to a class reunion since my 5th (way back in 1978).  Simply because I never heard of any more.  I do, however, get together occasionally with a few high school friends from time to time, thanks to Facebook.  

W.C. Camp said...

I agree with everything you said but I still don't miss reunions. I am growing old and know I have more experience than young people but not so sure about the wisdom thing?? All I know is I can't see as well and the only running I am good at anymore is running up a bill. I wish I could have all the experience but some of the spoils of physical youth too!! W.C.C.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I detest the Prom Queens.

Sexdrugsandbaconsandwiches said...

Makes me want to reunite with some old friends... and some not so much!

TechnoBabe . said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the reunion. And finding out you all have things in common all these years later. It sounds like you have matured since high school and your self confidence sustains you in what used to be nervous moments. 

Bearmancartoons said...

I take solace in the fact that I am in better shape than 3/4 of the football
team and look better than the king and queen of the prom.

lisleman said...

Maybe you and those friends should just organize one.   From the yearbook you'll have the list of names of which the males rarely change.  thanks

lisleman said...

"only running ... is running up a bill" - I like that one and will try to remember it. thanks

lisleman said...

Confidence combined with realizing I'm not trying to impress any one.  thanks

lisleman said...

I would not make that claim but I agree with your point.  Changes happen and time is an equalizer.  thanks

blueviolet said...

I guess I'm still somewhat bitter because her reminder that she was prom queen would have been a total turn-off for me, and I probably wouldn't have kept on talking.

Good for you though!

Jillsy Girl said...

that is wonderful that you had good time at a reunion!  I doubt I'll ever go to mine since I didn't even move to the town I went to high school in until I was in 10th grade and never made many friends.  I never even went to a prom!

unknownmami said...

I'm glad you went. I'm glad you are wiser.

Barbara said...

This is so true - our high school class has gotten closer and closer the last few years, and we're all kicking ourselves for not getting to know each other this well back then. I just spent a weekend with a group of women I've 'known' since even before high school but most of us never even ran around together back then. Life is funny! And pretty cool, sometimes.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I organized my 25th class reunion by using Facebook.  The reunion was in MI and I did most of the organizing from FL.  We had a really great turnout and discovered the things that you found at your 40th.  We have grown up so much :) and had a great time chatting with people we didn't really know in HS.

So glad you went and had a good time!

Mrs4444 said...

This is really great, Lisleman. I'm linking it up on Saturday.

My 30th is this year, and I have no interest in going to the dinner at all, but my curiosity will have me attending the "mixer" the night before. Guess I'd better hurry up and drop 10 pounds! Thanks for the reminder!haha

Jene said...

"The biggest difference is a maturity that includes the knowledge that most of what was big stuff in high school is of no importance now."

I regularly wish that I had known this, then, and I wish that I could find a way to impress it upon my son when he's a teenager, but I know that he won't listen to me, the same way I didn't listen to my parents when they tried to tell me. I guess it's one of those things you just have to learn the hard way.

I just read a fascinating new book called "The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth" - about the kids who don't have regular seats in the lunchroom, the "fringe society" of high school - and there are a few common themes with your post.

lisleman said...

Thanks for the link-up.  I've been out and off line a bit this week so I need to do some blog catch-up over the next few days.
Hey you could blow their minds by showing up in that "groovy dress" you got for Halloween.

lisleman said...

thanks - FB is a great organizing tool for reunions but for reunions of 40 and above there are too many people not on FB.  I actually still got the notice via old snail mail.  Of course, keeping up on addresses either electronic or physical is the biggest problem.

lisleman said...

thanks for the book suggestion.   The whole geek definition has changed over the years because of technology.  Also, you know that the definition has many shades of gray as does most things about people.  Does the book suggest that people should try to learn more about the underlying working of things instead of what a Jersey Shore player did in the last show?
Not that I have any evidence, but I wonder if teenage life might be a little easier if society didn't glorify it so much.  Striving to be the hippest, coolest or whatever the word-for-that-needed-teen-quality is puts pressure on teens.
thanks - you are good at getting-me-thinking comments

Catdelouise said...

Interesting post as I have been out of college for 20 years. That sounds so old to me! Nothing has been done to celebrate my class reunion but this year one of our theatre Directors retired. I did not go, mainly bc I am too ill, but also bc in the mid 90s my boyfriend and I broke up, and in the late 90s I ended a 20 year friendship. Even now, both situations are too painful and still too raw to subject myself to them. Perhaps I will be ready in another 10 years?

Good for you having the courage to go!

lisleman said...

Everyone's situation is different but I didn't feel as if I needed courage to go.  It would have been great if an old girlfriend had been there.  I think my wife finds them interesting but what do I know.  I have not seen her since the 20th I think?  One lady that my wife enjoyed talking with confessed that she had a crush on me back in 8th grade.  As I said, what do I know.  thanks 

secret agent woman said...

Turns out, the roles we had in high school aren't all that important after all, huh?

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