Wednesday, May 25, 2011

short PSA

PSA - you know Public Service Announcement.  The following clip demonstrates why mothers should never buy their children helmet cameras.


OneStonedCrow said...

Yes indeed - we did some crazy things in boxcarts (I remember one particularly scary soap-box ride with faulty brakes) ... I wonder though, do video games make kids reflexes sharper or do they disguise the reality of injury or death?

Bearmancartoons said...

No crash??

Jillsy Girl said...

I lost my heart a couple of times!   I'm off to share this one!  Thanks Lisle!

lisleman said...

Brakes you actually put brakes on yours?  Just the soles of our feet or the nearest tree.  We were doing good to keep the wheels on.   thanks for that memory
Oh I tend to agree simulation vs. real thing - very big difference.

lisleman said...

Are you the type that go to the races to see a crash?  I thought that dog might get hit.  The craziest unsafe course I've seen.

lisleman said...

The dog, the jumps, and being so close to the walls and hand rails - scary ride.  thanks

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