Thursday, January 06, 2011

F F Fragments

A friend sent me this Demetri Martin quote:
I notice that there are no 'B' batteries. I think that's to avoid confusion. Because if there were, you wouldn't know when someone was stuttering.

Mommy's Idea

As we slide into Friday do you have some fragments to share? Mrs. 4444 will help spread your digital fragments around.

My daughters have been telling me what to wear for years but I thought that was just natural. The scary thing is when they give up.

Any of you watch CNBC? It’s the business channel that follows the stock market which I find both interesting and rewarding. Typically I watch for awhile in the morning and then before the market closes at 3PM my time. One reason I don’t watch much during the other part of the day is their few talking heads that I just don’t like. They come on too strong with their political views and I just want to hear about business not politics. Of course these subjects do mix but I would prefer them remaining quiet on some of the extra commentary.

Today Michelle Caruso-Cabrera threw a comment about William Daley being appointed Obama’s Chief-of-staff. She suggested there was a conspiracy involving Mayor Daley (they are brothers) and Rahm Emanuel and whatever. What a dumb irresponsible statement to throw out on the air.

Well have you seen it yet? Slightly over 2 minutes and packed with action. I’m referring to Conditioner Man’s debut youtube video.

It’s up on my “Playing Around” page (see tab in the header).

Conditioner Man defends against wild split ends and other dryness. Here’s his PR shot.

After you watch the debut video (did I mention it’s on my “Playing Around” page) and catch your breath be sure to check out the other digital fragments Mrs. 4444 has collected for you.

Jewelry Shopping?


Kristina P. said...

I could definitely use a conditioner man.

OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe ... Conditioner Man is hairlarious ... do you control them by radio?

Telling you what to wear? ... my daughters used to wear my jeans and tshirts ... they've given up too now ...

... that reminds me ... I need to defrag my puter ...

TechnoBabe said...

The CNBC crap just makes me so happy that I do not watch television. The corporate mouthpieces are indeed irresponsible. Glad you picked up on that and are not taking bites of their disgusting sandwich to go with their tea.

I think it would be fun to have kids around to pick out things to wear. My girls used to do that with me too and I would get new ways to use what I already had in my closet.

lisleman said...

Thanks - no the little creatures are all on their own. The small batteries and motors typically keep them from going very far. They occasionally fall off the table and break apart.
I don't remember the last time I defrag a computer. I had to be years ago.

lisleman said...

I enjoy parts of CNBC and they have a good series shown in the evening called American Greed. I wish (it won't happen) that news reporting would return to just reporting without their spins and interpretations.

Pat Fortunato said...

Okay, about your daughters telling you what to wear. You're right, it's scary when they stop. When a woman stops commenting/complaining and gets silent, then you know you're in trouble. I know a man who came home one night to find the furniture on the lawn, wife and kids gone. "But she hadn't said anything that day." Exactly. I still talk to my husband about his clothes (when he asks) but have given up on getting him to wear a decent hat in winter, or any kind of gloves. Doesn't mean I don't wince when I see him glove-less and wearing that dumb old ratty hat. Listen to your daughters!!

lisleman said...

thanks - yes I listen most of the time. I'm glove-less only if I forget my gloves. But an old ratty hat - it's like an old friend that knows you. It fits right. I wear baseball style caps all year long. Some advice is good but remember we are not puppies needing decoration. thanks for sharing.

QandleQueen said...

I totally trust my daughter's fashion sense over my own!

debbie_suburbsanity said...

Conditioner man is brilliant!
And yes, I think my kids gave up on me long ago:)

secret agent woman said...

I got rid of tv and find I do not miss it at all. But CNBC doesn't bother me nearly as much s Fox.

lisleman said...

I don't watch very much but I agree with you about FOX and I'm sure we will find out more about this nut-case shooter today but the loud mouths found in media spewing hate today doesn't help.
thanks for sharing

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I had a glitch on Thursday night and discus wouldn't engage. I'm glad I remembered to come back. So what's the deal with no B batteries? I never thought of that before. I guess the As took that spot.

Oh dear. Your daughters have given up huh? That's significant lol

lisleman said...

I've notice some issues with DISQUS lately too. I've had to reload the page. I don't think they have completely given up.

Thanks for coming back

Ocean Girl said...

You know what, my sons from time to time, tell me what to wear!

Mr Conditioner is cute and dances so well. All of them are cute and I can see all the little parts they are made of. Are you sure your wife is not missing any hair clips??:)

Doreen McGettigan said...

No "b"! My daughters always dressed me I have 3 of them now they live an hour away and I call them if I have something special to go to. I do trust their fashion sense more than my own also.
I know that Rahm and Daley were involved (and caught) in some kind of crazy money in the freezer craziness (I used to live in Chicago). The media should give facts ; however and not just throw stuff out there.
The first 1/2 of my newspaper this morning says "Financial troubles are over" and the second half says to "Brace for double food, gas and energy"...which 1/2 should I believe?

lisleman said...

LOL - thanks for the idea she doesn't wear clips often (shorter hair) so she probably has some she would not miss. Most of the metal comes from springs in old tape players and such.
thanks for reading, watching and commenting.

lisleman said...

which half ? depends on what half of the economy you're in. I think it has always been that way. thanks for sharing

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sadly, there's a lot of dumb irresponsible statements out there- Many of them have been in the news since the terrible shooting yesterday in Arizona. It was a devastating reminder that we all need to watch what we say.

Have a great week, jj

lisleman said...

I agree with you that. I'm going to post some thoughts on this tonight.

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