Saturday, July 03, 2010

what's so funny

Al-Qaeda magazine
Gulf Oil drilling disaster
The Titanic

Funny stuff ???

I'm only an expert on what's funny to me. Most of the time these things are funny to at least a few other people. Humor is certainly a cultural observance. Like most anything cultural it goes through constant change.  The comedy central channel has many shows that I don't find funny at all, but I guess someone does.

The worst is when you joke and your spouse or partner fails to see any humor in it. You get an evil eye stare back instead of that smiling laughing face. There's a difference between being funny and smart-ass.

After listening to my favorite radio show, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me", I wondered if terrorist jokes will achieve a big laugh now that enough time has passed since 9/11.  

The game show panel was having a great time suggesting titles related to the news that Al-Qaeda launched an English language magazine for terrorists.  The best title for this type of magazine:
Ladies Never Leave the Home Journal

Do you agree that life is too serious to be taken seriously?

Joking about profound questions is tough to pull off. Replying to a comment suggesting I post the meaning of life (by IslandRoar), I wrote:
I think in searching for the meaning of life you can go so deep, you come out the other side. It's not the answer but the question and its pursuit that counts. For example what's the meaning of donuts? I might just go and research right now.

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Bearmancartoons said...

The meaning of donuts:

- Life is full of holes
- Be Sweet
- No matter how hard you try you are going to end up fat.

TechnoBabe said...

Some things I find funny and you might not. Some things that are serious in my eyes cannot be joked about but that is only how I feel about it. Some things may hurt my feelings but I can also see how it may be funny to someone else. I guess what I am getting at is we all look at things so differently. So naturally we would see humor differently. As long as we always allow each other our own way to look at things and our own way to say things we can get along. I try not to take life so seriously and I try to enjoy things and not stress about everything. But some things are just not funny. Oil in the gulf for instance. I cannot see anything to joke about it. But I decided a long time ago I would not head in the direction of a crabby senior citizen. So I can find humor in many things and I like to laugh and be happy. I kind of think you are pretty close to where I am when it comes to humor.

lisleman said...

I like that. Have you written any self-help cartoons?

lisleman said...

yes very true - but I have laughed at some BP jokes. I think the BP thing is a disaster and we should do much more to prevent another one. The cleanup will produce new innovations in this cleanup technology. Don't take it the wrong way - it should have never happened.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

The meaning of donuts? Now there's something practical we can all sink our teeth into!

oceangirl415 said...

I'm in love with American humour. Actually, it just dawned on me that, that is one reason I blog.

lisleman said...

yes - have you figured out why there is a hole in them? I have theories but it needs more experimental data.

lisleman said...

I'm not an expert but there a few types of "American" humor. One type would be redneck humor. I like British humor (humour). Monty Python was great.

HAZEL said...

Having to use my wife's yahoo login as disqus not accepting me under any terms!

I have severe doubts that the game show would have been broadcast in Britain for fear of upsetting the victims of Alqaeda terrorists and/or the religion that they claim to observe... could say more but won't; enjoy 4 july party!

dwmatty said...

I am always cracking jokes around here. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who finds the stuff funny.

lisleman said...

thanks - glad you are not holding a grudge about the 4th of July.
(oh maybe you should just register under a new name with Disqus)

Pseudo said...

A sense of humor is so important to perspective, at least to me.

lisleman said...

i agree

Mrs4444 said...

I agree with Technobabe.

And yet, some people who you might think find something funny, might just be laughing out of discomfort or awkwardness. For example, if you were to fall down the stairs in front of me and end up with your shin bone sticking out, etc. I am likely to laugh uncontrollably. It might perceived that I am a heartless beotch, which of course I'm not, but I can't help it! It's a curse, I tell you...

unknownmami said...

Life is definitely too serious to be taken seriously.

Mmmm, now I want a donut.

Lisa said...

Satirical is the best especially during election time. I love Seinfeld,
Raymond and The Nanny. I even love Two and A Half Men (we got repeats).
But I especially enjoy the funny comments you all leave at one another.
Like here today at your post.

And yes British humour can be brutal :)

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