Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Lisle man falls 60 feet off Starved Rock park cliff

Don't be alarmed (but would you send get well wishes?).  It was another Lisleman that took a dive.

Of course this story caught my eye.  But good thing it didn't catch me off balance.  I've been to Starved Rock many times but not this year.  It's a nice state park.

Nice park but not for getting drunk.  Apparently this young Lisleman went off the trail to relieve himself.  The marked trails take you close to the cliffs and canyons and you don't really need to go closer to the edge especially when you're drunk.  BTW - I don't know this fellow resident.  

(If you are interested, here's the "breaking" news story on it.)

As you know alcohol can affect your judgment in criminal ways.  Back in March, a Chicago woman got in an argument with a taxi driver at 2 AM.  Police took her to the local jail and was given her one free call.  

Her bad judgment continued.

She called 911 from the jail.
"I'm trapped in, like, the Naper hotline 911."
"You're trapped where?" the dispatcher asks.
"In the Naperville 911, so ..."
They added a false 911 call to her charges. 

(news story)

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TechnoBabe said...

I am so glad I don't drink. It's not the fact that people have no idea how stupid they look to other people when they are drunk, it is so sad that some people want to get drunk to "feel better". My daughter used to say she wanted to "get a buzz" and proceeded to get blitzed. And argumentative and surly and a pain in the ass. When she wasn't drunk she was the first person to help someone and she was a generous and humorous woman. Gads.

Charlie Callahan said...

I looked for a "Sorry you fell off a cliff" greeting card, but I couldn't find one—the lady said they can't keep enough in stock this time of year. And as it turns out, luckily you were the wrong Lisleman.

Didn't those three bozos know that ANY tree can be used as a pissoir? Or a bush, or the side of a building, or hubcaps? And why am I asking YOU these questions?

BTW, drunk stories and jokes don't bother me a bit—I tell 'em all the time.

lisleman said...

Thanks - That would be a great card. Good to know the dumb drunk stories and jokes don't bother you. Maybe you know, but Robin Williams had alcohol and drug addictions. I listened to an interview of him where he was joking about it. Life is too crappy to take serious all the time.

lisleman said...

Maybe I'm lucky. It didn't take too many drunken spells to learn that getting drunk and awful misery later on is really no fun at all. Yes I still drink but not often and not much. Thanks for sharing
all the best.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Phew, so glad it wasn't you. Hope that guy is okay and learned his lesson.

As for the fake 911 call-- There was one in Los Angeles this week by a 50-something woman who called 911 looking for a husband. Yes, she too was drunk.


frigginloon said...

Pissed, piss and pissed! A great story t tell his grandkids!

dave hambidge said...

Like most things in life, a little of everything, but not too much!!

Charlie Callahan said...

There is a lot of laughter among recovering drunks, and I'm one who laughs the hardest. I have no problem with people who can handle alcohol: If Martha wants a glass of wine when we go out, then fine.

This is probably no news to you, but Robin Williams is OCD—obsessive compulsive—and that often leads to alcohol or drugs. Addiction is a symptom of something else, usually a mental disorder.

lisleman said...

Yes balance is key but you don't need to stand on the edge all the time.
(hmm maybe I should register that quote somewhere I just thought it up)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

What a story!
That is one beautiful park. I could see how drinking would make it a bit dangerous. And yes, of course we'd send well wishes if it had been you!

unknownmami said...

Wow, that lady calling 911 sounds like a winner!

The Urban Cowboy said...

OMG that story of the lady calling 911 is hilarious!

savannah said...

sometimes i wish i could hand out darwin awards! great stories, sugar! xoxox

lisleman said...

The cops should carry those awards with them. That might be the only good thing about being a cop - the good stories about the nutters out there.
BTW - is "sugar" usually said to a guy or does it matter?

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