Monday, March 08, 2010

where's the clown #2

Ready for another game of "where's the clown".

Don't have a clue,  what I'm talking about?  Here's some background >> where's the clown page

Guessing the location of this photo might be too easy.  I thought of cropping it to make it harder but the last photo didn't get solved so let's see if you will do some quick searching to pin this one down.

What's interesting about this photo is the use of the location in a very popular movie.  Can you name the movie?

Please play along, offer your own photos for others to guess.  Put your link in the comments.  Also use the bladge (blog badge) below.

Where's the Clown

solar info link


dave hambidge said...

A quick tap of google implies that this is Riveredge Marina on Squam lake, New Hampshire, tel. 603-968-4411


lisleman said...

maybe you should ring them up and check.
But you didn't mention the movie yet. Probably a few taps of google will get you that too.

Camp1974 said...

Hmmmmmmmm....was this in Meatballs?

dave hambidge said...

Sorry, missed the film aspect. On Golden Pond?

This is daft. I can sit here in britland and find out info like this in Yankee land by tapping computer keys. I'm old enough to still be in awe of this technology, admire its postove features and dread what might be coming next from the geeks in technobollocks land?

lisleman said...

not that I know about - but I'm not real familiar with that movie

lisleman said...

technobollocks land - would that be any particular geographic area or all tech related activities?
The internet is amazing and a useful tool but of course like other tools it can be used for no good.
You nailed it. (oh I mean you are spot on)
I should put a special cropped version of this up just for you. I assume you used the name on the sign.

dave hambidge said...

Any tech that I don't already know fits the bill!

Yep, used the name. Seems a nice place, according to the photos.

oceangirl415 said...

I can't play this one because this is where you and I met. I know the movie because I know the answer.

And lisleman, the "hands" riddle was just my way of saying my clock without hands is like monalisa without eyebrows. Still a clock, or still a face. I hope I don't confused you further.

unknownmami said...

I do not know, but it's pretty.

lisleman said...

Oceangirl do you mean the first post you read on this blog was about this photo? I did use the photo back in a post during June 2009.
That's OK if you remember it from before, you could still put in your answer. Since that post was many months ago I thought most everyone would not remember or never have read it. You have a good memory.

lisleman said...

thanks the whole lake is wonderful with very clear water. The answer is down below in the comments. Dave quickly noticed the sign on the boat house.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

Well, it's not animated so I'm guessing I won't know the movie:)

dwmatty said...

On Golden Pond

lisleman said...

yes - and it's a wonderful "pond".

lisleman said...

that's so sad - no grown-up movies for you?

greeneyedmomster said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. Since you switched to Disqus, it's harder for me to leave you a comment. I'm persistent today because of your comment to me yesterday. I did a whole post about your question and I thought you might be interested in the answers.

As for your post, I have no idea. How sad am I? Maybe I'm the Clown!


lisleman said...

thanks so much for writing about my comment. Thanks for being persistent and now that you registered it will be much easier. Of course you still need the TIME which I understand is something that you could use more of. You're a wonderful blogger and if you would like be a clown - well put on a red nose and smile.

Check it out

lillyslife said...

How about Jaws? He he, I have no idea but I like the photo. Did you take it?

lisleman said...

no it was "On Golden Pond". Yes I took the picture and learned about the shooting of the movie. Thanks for stopping by.

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