Saturday, February 20, 2010

can I buy you a drink

Photo by Dave Schumaker.

This wing-nut guy might be a babe magnet at the bars but he does seem to be handicapped with only one arm, a head and little else.  Of course, he might have a hot processor.

Now this classy robot already has a nice looking date but does he know how to mix a good stiff drink?

sci-fi robot

I'm guessing (I didn't make it there - hey if any of you would like me to cover an event like this please send ticket money and I'll be on my way) mixing some good drinks and having fun were objectives of this BarBot 2010 held recently in San Francisco.  I find robots interesting and believe their functionality will continue to grow.  

Back in 08 I was able to visit a free exhibit called Nextfest in Chicago that had some robots displayed.  If this one could really cut the grass on it's own, I would consider buying one.  

One of the strangest, maybe even freaky, was this snake robot but I didn't get a good picture of it.  At the time I visited many of the robots were not operating (electronic break?).  This guy looked sad not being turned on.  I wonder if he made it to BarBot?

Do you have a roomba?   

You can find my earlier posts on robots here 

Here's a few more pictures from that technical drinking event.  Check out the mechanical drink serving at the BarBot.


oceangirl415 said...

Those robots are all cute. My first toy was a robot. My uncle gave it to me. I wish I had kept it.

lisleman, I didn't click on that past posts about robots but please make a new showcase of YOUR robots that you have created. People have got to see them!

unknownmami said...

I always wanted a butler, but I would settle for a robot.

lisleman said...

thanks for asking - I don't really call them robots but they do move around so "toy robots" I guess.
Here some youtube clips of them (oh you'll notice that I don't go by lisleman over there but dad45 instead)

lisleman said...

I wonder how long it will be before they are more common in the house. Many of toys are little robots already.

OneStonedCrow said...

hehe ... loved the "Sheep at Work" pic ... and the 'I bite' sign under the sign ... who needs a "Beware Of The Dog" sign when you have fierce robot sheep like this?

dave hambidge said...

"Wingnut" reminds me of the robot in Fireball XL 5?

or maybe not, perhaps I need a drink?

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing that picture - I might have seen that show once but I don't remember the robot. What is more interesting is the oversized eyes on the puppet faces.

lisleman said...

hmm - I only thought about the grass cutting not the protection feature. Put some laser eyes in the sheep and it would scare away the meanest criminals.

lisleman said...

hey I'm commenting on my own post, how lame is that?
I just noticed the disqus comment system put the youtube clips I listed in my reply to oceangirl. How cool - you can watch the clip without leaving the site.
I'm liking this comment system more and more.

dave hambidge said...

The large eyes of the Gerry Anderson puppets was almost a trade mark in all his work such as Stingray, Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5. Psychobabblists say that babies respond better to faces with large eyes, was it a subliminal way to get us to pay attention to the programme?

In britland we currently have an extreme example of kiddies gross eyeball at;

gives me the willies!

Bearman said...

Thanks for stopping by while I was away. Hope you didn't mess up the towels.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

I would be all over that grass cutting/eating one!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm kinda glad you didn't get a good pic of the snake robot-- That sounds a little scary.

Love all the other picture though. I love the creativity and thought behind the design of each. Very cool.

Hope you're having a good week. I'm off on long weekend vacation. I'll catch up with you again next week.


lisleman said...

love comments so much - i'm checking in on a display model in an apple store while visiting FL.
no time to post anything new but i'll be posting some pics from FL soon.

secretagentwoman said...

A patient told me today that a family member is having a surgery done "by a new robot the hospital has" and what I pictured was a surgeon who looked basically like the robot in the second photo.

fantastic forrest said...

Lisleman, we love robots in our house! Portland State University has an annual event with all sorts of cool robot-y things. I found this fun clip about a British robot bartender - I think we all need to go abroad to check it out in person.

lisleman said...

thanks for that link - more impressive than the video clip was the writing about the British pub/bar scene.

lisleman said...

I would hope NOT. Robotic surgery is scary stuff but if it's limited to some devices that extend the reach and view of the real human surgeon then maybe that's not so bad.

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