Wednesday, January 27, 2010

just a reminder - you know it's not over

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

Did you watch the telethon, Hope For Haiti Now, last Friday?  Did you know the songs with 100% of the sale proceeds going to charities are being offered on iTunes?

I just hate that there are people out there that would use a tragedy such as this to scam people.  So you do need to be careful where you go to contribute.  The red box above will link you to a page on the site which has trusted links to some of the charities.

One more government item - President Obama got a special bill passed to allow Americans to claim their contributions for Haiti on their 2009 taxes instead of waiting until next year.

I think one of the best performances on the Hope For Haiti Now was from Madonna.  She sang 'Like a Prayer' with a real sweet energy.  The backup choir helped too.  She's not even my favorite singer but this song was moving for me.  I found this youtube clip of it.  Hopefully, they will let it stay up for awhile.  enjoy and give them some help.


Ocean Girl said...

Wow, that was so good. Thank you.

TechnoBabe said...

Super! I want to sign on as one of your follower. Would you email me.
codacici at gmail.

lisleman said...

thanks you should have the email

Joanna Jenkins said...

It was a great show and a perfect example of how celebrities can put their fame to good use. They all clearly checked their egos at the door and moved people to make significant contributions.


lisleman said...

agree - being of the rock and roll gen and not so much the hip-hop or alternative (I remember first hearing that genre name and shaking my head) it was fun to try to figure out who was who. Of course, S. Cal girl yourself would not have that problem because I've heard a celebrity quiz is part of your CA. drivers test. Anyway, it was interesting that they didn't introduce the performers or show there names on the screen.

Nancy C said...

Such pressure to leave a good comment! I think that I would love to have a gospel choir follow me around everywhere for just one day. When I'm reminding my kid to flush the toilet after dropping a deuce, it might sound more inspiring.

lisleman said...

thanks welcome to a few clowns short - didn't mean to put any pressure on you.
Unknown Mami was right through - that's a good funny comment - just don't let your kid start clapping until his/her hands are washed.

minzesm said...

Great blog. I will be back for more!

lisleman said...

thanks - hope to see you again

unknownmami said...

That was nice. I had not seen it. It got me all choked up.

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