Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas songs free

Should I say holiday songs instead?  
I celebrate Christmas but I know others celebrate different events so the holiday phrase makes for a more general greeting but what's wrong with greeting people with the event that you celebrate?  I've greeted co-workers and friends I knew were Jewish with Happy Hanukkah (Dec 11 this year).  Anyway, that's not the point of this post.

I want to share a music discovery I came across today.  BTW, I'm NOT being paid or credited for this recommendation, however if some corporation feels like thanking for it - well let me know.

While shopping on (which over the years I like the best) I discovered their free Christmas Holiday music.  It's called "25 Days of Free".  I downloaded a few (MP3) today.

My favorite jazz singer, Diana Krall has her "Christmas Songs" up there for sale in their holiday music section.  This picture of her left me wondering if:
  1. shopping overload
  2. holiday cheer overload
  3. 12th night of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas
There's no Krall song up for free yet but I'll be checking back.

The song for today is by the Boxmasters and I already had it.  Last December I discovered The Boxmasters. This song is NOT your typical holiday song.  It's a dysfunctional Christmas song that I found funny.

Also Itunes is offering some free holiday songs.  I think they offer a new one every week.  Amazon has them beat with giving one away each day.

In addition to enjoying some free songs I got a few free pictures in an email today.
Now tell me who's the favorite person on your list that you would give this to:



OneStonedCrow said...

I've seen a few music vids of Diana Krall and I love her ... wouldn't mind finding her in my Christmas stocking ...

mmm, I don't know who I'd give one of those presents too but here's one for you:

Psycho Duck

CiCi said...

Diana Krall has been one of my favorites for a number of years. I think she is awesome, talented, and gorgeous. Glad to know you like her too.
The shower curtain is fun. I personally wouldn't want it but I think my brother-in-law would.
But the picture in the sink is great.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

It would be hard for me to spit toothpaste in that sink! I'll check out the music. I'm not a fan of Christmas music but maybe I'll like these songs.
Love that shower curtain. It'd be perfect for my old boss! :)

Bill Lisleman said...

@onestonedcrow - love the psycho duck thanks - I might just post it.
@technobabe - thanks my favorite is "fly me to the moon"
@green-eyed momster - old boss ? I sense it might be a get even type of gift. Maybe I could sell gifts for people you dislike.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Diana Krall is fantastic. I've been a fan for years. It's hard to imagine that great big voice comes out of little ole her :-)


Fantastic Forrest said...

My brother used to work in the music business, and he encountered Diana Krall when she was on her way up. She was really nice...then. A few years later, when she made it big, not so much.

So I'll pass on the Krall music. But thanks for the tip about the other tunes! I love Christmas music. My daughter plays viola, and the teacher wasn't going to let them play any holiday music because one child in orchestra doesn't celebrate Christmas (I think she was Jehovah's Witness) which made my daughter really sad. The teacher wouldn't even allow Jingle Bells, which is just a winter song. Lame.

The Boxmasters are fun. :)

Bill Lisleman said...

@JJ - looks like many of the commenters like her.
@FF - Maybe she was having a bad day. jingle bells - that wasn't jingo bells right? How dumb.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Or a bad several years....apparently she was not nearly as gracious when she became popular. Perhaps she felt she didn't need to be nice because she wasn't seeking precious airplay time. My brother knew several people who'd helped her early in her career, and she snubbed them once she achieved fame.

Kirsty@Gone Bananas said...

I like Diana Krall she's got a lovely voice. Will have to check that out. Love the pics, the shower curtain is great!

Bill Lisleman said...

@FF - sounds like you have an inside story. Maybe she started taking on that diva style. I dislike big egos but I still like her music.
@Kirsty - thanks for dropping by

nothingprofound said...

Thanks for the recommendations. My wife loves Diana Krall so I'll mention that one to her. The shower curtain is great and of course reminds me of the movie "Psycho."

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