Saturday, December 06, 2008

merry christmas billy bob thorton style

the boxmasters

I discovered a new group over at Itunes and got a free download of a song of theirs. The band is named "The Boxmasters" and as you can see in the above photo, Billy Bob Thornton is in the band.

The lyrics to "Slower than Christmas" has a few lines about Christmas that I can related to. If you hear it (I was trying to find a site that would let me post a player of it here, but so far no luck) you might conclude that I hate Christmas. NOT TRUE - Christmas sharing of gifts, music, and family fun is wonderful. BUT when it turns into a competition for the best gift, deadlines for getting that gift and a crowded room of noisy relatives, well lets say that spirit of Christmas can drive you to look for the spirit in a bottle.

Really I do wish everyone a fun, enjoyable, Merry Christmas and Chanukah.

You can listen to the christmas cheer over at paste magazine site.

Oh one more holiday item (getting the holidays mixed) -

Christmas tree on Bush Chanukah invite

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