Monday, August 10, 2009

spin a scratchy record

what's worst than spinning that?

Over at the spin cycle control the assignment this time is reposting your worst post from the past.

I accept the challenge and I hope you'll read on.

I've had this blog since 2006 so there are plethora of posts (now that phrase should grab the reader in you, right?) available for selection. It was hard to pick the worst one.

The biggest loser is (oh BTW I don't care for that show):
from Oct. 2008



Another study on our food and health. Has anyone done a study on how studies on food have been done?

Well some Swedish study reports that drinking coffee reduces women's breast size.

So Hooters and Starbucks don't mix. I'm sure there are some women that worked in both places.

I don't know anything about these Swedes but I heard that back in 2003 a popular mens magazine did a feature called the "Women of Starbucks". Maybe those women just sold the coffee and didn't drink it.

Well if you are a coffee drinking woman flirting for some attention - don't worry - beer has the opposite effect - just give the guy enough beer and he can't tell the difference.

Other ones under consideration were:
supermodels and virgins
greasy butt fast
naked question

Please let me know in the comments if I selected the worst one.


yorksnbeans said...

It's ironic that my worst has to do with airlines, too. Before I even saw yours, I knew what mine was. I went to look for it, but I think I removed it since no one commented. I, personally, find it hysterical since Delta's headquarters is in my hometown, so there are lots of jokes that circulate around here.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Wow, tough choices! I was edging on the airlines one but Hooters and reduced breast size? If that were true, my Starbucks frequency card would be getting a lot more use! Love it! You're linked!

Bill Lisleman said...

@yorksnbeans - maybe airlines are easy to pick on? Thanks for sharing. I visited Delta in Atlanta on business back in my Airfone days. They have (think they still do) a big repair/maintenance operation. Do you remember Song? What a joke.

@sprite's keeper - coffee, beer, wine, red meat, etc. I believe it's all about balance. Too much of one thing is not good.

Claudya Martinez said...

I like the greasy butt fast!

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown mami - if I knew the owner of that "south end of a north bound horse" I would pass your selection on to him - but I don't. thanks

Vicky said...

"Oh crap" she says as she sips her morning coffee while blogging... considering I about choked on my coffee when I saw this? Sure, I'll pick this one.

Thanks for coming to my blog :)

Bill Lisleman said...

@vicky - hope you didn't spill any coffee on yourself. thanks for the comment.

Mama Badger said...

Wow, really? Something with Hooters in it was the worst? I can't imagine... I vote for this one... (though that may be because I don't like the Swedes or their study.)

Bill Lisleman said...

@mama badger - I don't have any against the Swedes but those many studies just confuse everyone or tell us things we already know.
thanks for the comment.

Kate M said...

Hmm, I drink two cups of coffee a day, no wonder I don't have big breasts :p

Bill Lisleman said...

@kate m - thanks for stopping by. I don't know if I believe the studies but if you need an excuse - well there you have it.

Lilly said...

Well I drink a lot of coffee and without saying too much, I can personally say that these research findings are highly questionable, lol!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

@lilly - LOL well thats nice to know. Maybe it only effects Swedes.

lisleman said...

@lilly - LOL well thats nice to know. Maybe it only effects Swedes.

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