Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a naked question

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Tunick said: “In many places in the US, if I entered the stadium with naked people, I would be arrested, so it’s nice to come to Europe and do my work, and sort of get permission to do it, and so I’m very lucky.”

I thought it strange where I heard about this - it was a quick story on the business cable channel CNBC.

The story - This artist, Spencer Tunick, convinced 1800+ people to get naked in a Vienna football stadium for some pictures. The volunteers got a photograph and (I think) tickets to some upcoming games. I'm just going by the reports on the web, I've been fortunate to have visited Vienna (Wien is their name) but I didn't make it there for this. People that know me are probably thankful that I'm not in any of those pictures, which brings me to the question (actually a few questions):

Would you volunteer for nude art in this open group setting ?

If you answer yes, I imagine you are probably young (under 50) and also maybe European. My answer is no way - but when I was under 20 - well let's say I would have brought a ticket to get there. The nudity thing is very influenced by culture (see above quote from the artist ).

Another question - did they clean the stadium before this started ?? I don't consider a stadium seat a clean place to set my nakedness on.

Is this a good event for meeting people?

Did anyone lose/misplace any clothes and if so did the organizers plan for this with towels/robes ??

One more thing - the name of this piece of art (not kidding) --
Artwork with 1,000 Balls
( I don't think he actually counted correctly)

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