Wednesday, November 26, 2008

supermodels youtube virgin america


Virgin America is doing some interesting sponsorship. Currently, they fly the major west coast cities with two transcon connections (IAD and JFK). So they teamed-up with Victoria's Secret and hosted the first ever in-flight PJ party and fashion show on a transcon flight. I wonder why Hooter Air failed??

What actually started my search of Virgin America was the wi-fi service splash they recently made. They were smart to tied in with youtube and the youtube live event. The airline has its own youtube channel - here's a couple of video I liked:

Also they have this special community web site - This is how to fly

On that site you'll notice they have a facebook site, twitter site and invite you to tell your story. Other companies are getting on facebook, but do you know of any other airlines? I guess this is web 2.0 marketing.
Well I hope they keep going with these videos.

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