Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Walt Mossberg checks out Aircell

The above video is from Aircell. BTW, I like the video but the music is too weird for the message in my opinion.

Do you know who Walt Mossberg is?

Well from what I can tell, I would love to have his job. I would call him the Wall St. Journal geek. He checks out the latest gadgets and services and reports on what he likes and dislikes. He also help started this All Things D conference and web site.

A short time ago, I posted another review of his - Cha Cha service

Looks like Aircell gave Walt Mossberg a test ride in their jet. He writes that the service worked good. He also mentions that VOIP services will be blocked. As long as IM, email and web surfing works well, this should be winner.

take a look at what Walt had to say --> Walt Mossberg | AllThingsD

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