Tuesday, April 29, 2008

useful ChaCha service

Very interesting service that allows a normal mobile/cellphone to find answers on the web. Since it works with calling and then texting, the questions should be limited to ones with short answers. I just tried it. I called and asked about airline ticket prices between two US cities. The first message was a welcome for first time user and the next message repeated my question and told me someone is working on it. The answer was not as quick as I thought it might be but mine was a question that requires some research and maybe some questions are even quicker.

I received a good answer including the airline, departure and return dates and the total price. The amount for a depart May 31 - return June 1 - $206 total.

Now after I got the answer (took 9-10 minutes which is faster than I probably would have gotten back ) I realized that the question I gave should have included dates instead of "end of May" and "beginning of June". So you should thing about your wording of the question before you call.

Gee - if this gets popular, I can imagine them getting some really strange questions from bar patrons late at night.

One more thing to mention about this post - the video player at AllThingsD allowed me to post it directly to the blog from the video's site. That's great to get the post started but typically I need to work the wording a bit so I don't mind just doing the cut and paste operation.

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