Sunday, November 26, 2023

New Post - that's what the button said

Yeah clicking on the "New Post" just opens up a blank post. The hard part is coming up with something to write in it.

I learned another bit of slang the other day from my grandkids. Dap up (or dapping) is a stylized gesture of greeting with your hands. It's a few moves past a fist bump. All the kids do it but not this old man with some arthritis in his fingers.

top of head in the morning

I heard moping is not a good coping strategy.

Better than moping I found my interest in lyrics provides a good distraction. Lately I find myself studying the lyrics to old favorite songs. Using Spotify or just looking up lyrics is quick and simple today.

I thought the title for the Cowsill's song used in my post today was "I Love the Flower Girl" but it's not. The real title is "The Rain, the Park & Other Things". (not very catchy IMHO)

Was she reality or just a dream to me?(I love the flower girl)Her love showed me the way to find a sunny day(Sunny day, sunny day)
Was she reality or just a dream to me?

Since the flower girl disappears when the sun breaks through, I say the song is about a dream. There are many songs about dreams. The song didn't get pass number 2 on the charts. The number 1 spot at the time was "Daydream Believer". In my extensive research (at least an hour) I discovered the rain sound at the beginning of the song was a recording of bacon sizzling (I might dream about that tonight)


(Thank you for reading my post. Check back for another post from Lisleman's think tank and psychic center. (oh honestly it's not much of a tank. More like a saucer dish which might dry up over winter.)

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