Friday, December 31, 2021

Because there's something in the air

The something is the new variant of COVID-19 virus, omicron.
While in the car the other day I listened to "Something in the Air". I immediately thought of our ongoing pandemic.
We celebrated Christmas with our extended family the week before Christmas day. It appears that the virus crashed the party. Turns out that 3 of the more than a dozen at the party later tested positive for COVID. Everyone was fully vaccinated so the symptoms have been non-threatening.
On Christmas day I visited 7 drug stores in our area. Only one had a test kit for me. The next day our daughter alert me to a place near her, about 20 some miles from us that had plenty. I drove up there and got 3 test kits.
So I'm calling this our COVID Christmas. 

a common sign around here lately

"Something in the Air" was a number one hit for The Who's Pete Townshend's other band Thunderclap Newman in 1969. Townshend created the band to showcase songs written by former The Who chauffeur, also a drummer/singer/guitarist/songwriter, John "Speedy" Keen.
Enjoy the sixties dress style in this video of "Something in the Air". 

 Oh I procrastinated took time to think this post through. Now it's New Year's Eve so,
And we'll tak a right gude willie waught
For auld lang syne!

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