Saturday, August 07, 2021


You really can’t fill your mind to the full level. There’s always room for more knowledge. Now, I’ve certainly become overwhelmed too often. The chaos of nature sometimes comes at us too fast. Now maybe my memory of being overwhelmed is a bit flaky but it seems I’m more prone to being overwhelmed as I age.

Being mindful is a great condition to be in. If the opposite is being mindless, then a mindless condition/action might have a
deadly outcome.

I have enjoyed learning and still want to learn more. My last post was about the notion of boring. Boring is so very subjective. I’m certainly biased but I find my posts very interesting and I consider a few to be educational. Oh no I used that boring word, “educational”.

I’m becoming self-taught on various branches of physics such as cosmology by reading books such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry”. At the end of the chapter 7 titled, “The Cosmos on the Table” he describes the names of some chemicals as sesquipedalian. I had to look that one up. The word sesquipedalian is sesquipedalian. It’s a self-referential word.

Now that I overused my new word of the week, I’ll move on.

On a trip this past spring I came across a strange sign in a small Texas panhandle town. It was too interesting to skip taking a picture so here’s the sign.

What happens at 34 or 36 seconds?

I spent more than 5 minutes looking around trying to figure out the purpose of this sign. You might notice the railroad tracks in the background so I assume it has some connection to freight operations on the railroad. Why does it state such an odd specific time? Would 1 minute be too long? When do I start timing? Do I need to carry a stopwatch? Please provide your guesses in the comment section below. I’m mindful but clueless about this sign.
Oh be quick or take your time. It doesn't matter to me.

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