Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Watch out now, take care

Watch out for technology messing up your day. According to this report, a driver in Iowa trusted the GPS directions more than the road construction signs.

Please Do Think and Drive

That struck-in-wet-concrete car reminds of a few sites I visited on a recent trip. I traveled through the Texas panhandle for my first time. (BTW I would not suggest panhandling in the panhandle.) If you happen to have a little time in Amarillo TX., and you cautiously use your GPS you should have no trouble finding the Cadillac Ranch and Combine City (the half buried combines were harder to find but Google Maps knew their location). So when they extract that car from the concrete it should be ready for becoming buried art.
Cadillac Ranch after a rain

Combine City
George Harrison back in the 1970’s warned us to beware of many things:

Watch out now
Take care, beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you

Watch out now
Take care, beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks

Watch out now
Take care, beware of greedy leaders
They'll take you where you should not go

Oh one more warning - beware of half buried combines.

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