Saturday, May 22, 2021

Walk, don’t run

Actually the advice is stop walking and back away slowly.

Click on pic to read the wonderful advice

The various “tips” I read at the start of my short hike just about stopped me from proceeding. I thought of backing away from the sign and my idea.

An even better tip would have been bringing along a baton for dazzling the bear.


While enjoying the scenery, I constantly studied the scene for any creature movements. After getting further down the trail I decided to heed that last bear tip. I picked up a rock and heavy pointed stick. Then I saw a jogger (BTW I’m not a jogger but jogging on this trail seem stupid given just the random rocks and uneven surface) coming the other way towards me. I assume he was running for exercise and not escaping a bear or mountain lion. I said hello but he didn’t stop to talk. Before he had reached me I dropped the rock and stick. I didn’t want to appear menacing. Ok I really didn’t want to look foolish. Later on I came upon two hikers who talked with me a bit. One of the hikers was familiar with the area and the biggest animals he had seen in the past were deer. 


A couple of pictures from the trail.

Hey about 1 minute into the following educational twirling video you'll see the best batons for bear/lion defense. Flaming batons!

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