Saturday, January 02, 2021

Vacuum energy

I typically lack energy to vacuum.

Hey it’s a new year, I should be recharged. Oh, but we are not simple rechargeable batteries. (Although I have learn some people are on Lithium)

Vacuum energy is an underlying background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe (reference link). Well that’s what physics tells the people that listen to physicists. I enjoy learning about the marvelous discoveries of physics. But if this vacuum energy is underlying, then might it be underlying my carpet? Why should there be a need to vacuum my bedroom?

The "Casimir Effect" demonstrates the effects of vacuum energy and it's named after Hendrik Casimir. Hendrik was a Dutch physicist but I don't know if he vacuumed his room much.
I would much rather read about vacuum energy than vacuum a room. I believe vacuum talk must include dust talk. Here’s a picture from space from June 2020. We might not be as dusty as Mars where I think every storm is a dust storm but take a look at the mess heading out to the Atlantic from North Africa.

Look at the mess Sahara is making

Oh I also read about cosmic dust. It’s a real thing and probably related to dust bunnies. Interplanetary dust causes the zodiacal light, so dust is not all that bad. Thousands of tons of cosmic dust are estimated to reach the Earth's surface every year. So we need to figure how to use the vacuum energy to clean it up.

Astronomers study dust. I can only imagine young graduate students explaining to their parents that they are studying dust. I suspect the parents would question why they didn’t start years ago in their own bedrooms.

(apparently if I were a Brit this post would not work since I don’t believe there is any Hoover energy in physics.)

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