Friday, May 29, 2020

searching for words

Life around me continues to move on.

Of course this is critical. If life didn't continue this blog would stop. Life would not notice but a few of you might.

My keyboard creates the letters just fine but my mind can't find the right words to create from those letters. Yeah, just that thing called writers block. NO, I don't think so. This pandemic just sucks the hope and joy from many everyday. It's a constant background pain on my brain.

Like a boggy man in your closet. You rationally know that odds are there is no reason to fear but you just watched a movie and the idea just won't go away.

The pandemic is no movie. The virus is not an actor.

So how do I write about lighter things. Should I write about lighter things?

A few weeks ago I did think of a wordplay. Here's a picture I modified.

Listening to music helps. I found lyrics in an older Sheryl Crow song that match my feelings.

Some days I feel alright
Some days I can't wait until it's night
Sometimes you gotta face the light

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