Wednesday, July 17, 2019

better than a sharp stick in the eye

Even a dull stick in the eye hurts more than I want to know. But what about eyes in song titles? There are plenty of them.

it moose be done

My old ears have listen to many songs about these eyes. These eyes have also watched many video music clips of eye related songs.

I'm not including These Eyes. Instead I'll start my eye list with a more recent song by Coldplay, Green Eyes.

I can't complain, I eat well enough. Of course, we know you can be hungry for more than food. I don't have Hungry Eyes but I do remember the dancing movie that made the song a hit. 

My listening of eye songs lead me to this great titled song written and sung be Willie Nelson, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

There are many good songs with references to the emotional impact of looking into an other's eyes. The song that can get my eyes a little watery is Eric Clapton's My Father's Eyes

Hopefully all the eye song listening will help to remind me to get my eyes checked soon (Doctor My Eyes?). I might be low on insight but want to keep my sight focused.

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