Thursday, April 25, 2019

Boy wonder

I was never the boy wonder, but boy, I have always wondered.

I assumed for the longest time that everyone was thinking and wondering. My life has presented evidence that thinking mode is not universally engaged. In some cases it appears to have been completely disabled.

You certainly have heard about dumb criminals before. A recent one was a Tulsa man arrested on a burglary charge after firefighters pulled him out of a chimney at an east Tulsa business. I would have tempted to tell him the rescue will wait until his confession is heard. No reason to waste court time with that one.

Over time I’ve found the site Quora a great place to discover new knowledge on many subjects. Their accuracy in matching my interest is good. However, I’m puzzled about the background of a question or two on Quora. The following questions start my wondering. Not about the question but about the person or their state of mind at the time.

Found on Quora

  • What would happen if an icecube equal to the size of the sun would hit the sun?
  • If you plug in a power strip and then plug more power strips into each socket of that power strip, and then do the same for each new power strip, etc would you have infinite ports? Or does the energy get less and less with each power strip?
  • The bulb for fluorescent ceiling light has bust -- how do I get my landlord to replace it?
  • In detail, What would you do if you found out aliens unsuccessfully attacked Earth in past and now the few surviving aliens meet at AA meetings to talk about the good ole days and try and think about ways to conquer the world?
  • How do I control the output voltage on my DIY welder? I used 2 microwave transformers to step down 120v AC to 30v AC and upped the amps. The problem is, the amperage fluctuates from 15 (striking) to nearly 275 (stuck).
  • How do you smoke from a light bulb? (Ok I don't remember the timing of these last two questions but this guy should hook-up with the DIY welder)

Well I don't really care if people don't like to wonder. I just appreciate them thinking a little if their path crosses mine.

I woke last night to the sound of thunder
How far off I sat and wondered

(uh, you still there? 
Blog posts can be similar to newspapers or magazines in that their topics can lose popularity after just a short time. Yesterday’s news. There are stories that stay relevant over time. Here’s a post of mine from 2015 that still has relevance today. It was one of my few with a bit of Latin in the title, “non-sequitur thoughts”. )

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