Friday, January 25, 2019

Sweet Blog of Mine

Where it began.
You can begin to knowin by reading the “Short Background”.

I’ve been inclined to make a parody of Sweet Caroline called Sweet Blog of Mine.

Touching words
Touching me
Touching you
Sweet blog of mine, bah bah baah

Yeah someday I’ll finish it.

But for now I’ll just share a picture from the desert.

before the rain

I just got back from a great trip and reunion of many cousins. I’ve been to the desert, got hoarse from a cold with no name. I’m feeling better now. In the desert there was plenty of rain.

Ok how about one more picture. I figured out how to use the panorama mode on my smartphone camera. (click on the pictures to make them bigger)

doing a 180

As you probably know, I love the lyrics of good songs. Sometimes though, I just want to settle back and listen to an instrumental. Meet the culturally confused watermelon man.

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