Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Somewhere sometime

I don’t recall details of where it was or even when it was. Those details would be nice but not necessary. No crime was committed. Just talk.

And drinking.

The talker was a weathered man. Think Willie Nelson’s older brother.

His face turned pensive as he explained he must share a life lesson he learned.

“Don’t wait too long for love or you’ll miss it,” he said with confidence. I shook my head in agreement but since I was married I considered it a lesson I had already completed.

His tale went on to describe finding Lucy, beautiful, fun, and smart. Oh she was everything he dreamed love would be. Sadly, he quickly discovered she belonged to another. His life was forever incomplete.

“So you never found another woman to match your attraction for Lucy?”, I asked.


“Woman!, Ha you fool. Lucy was the best, brightest, golden retriever I ever met!”

Hey some of you might recall the hit song, “Shannon”. It was written about a lost dog.

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