Friday, November 30, 2018

Moving into the universe

We all are moving. I'm certain we are already in the universe already. We must be moving in the universe by definition. Yeah ok, I'll promise to stop being pedantic for the rest of the post.

original hoodie

Since I’m still above the grass I’ve been thinking because I can. If somehow, someway, thinking still occurs after you breathe no more, it must be a very different type of thinking. How could your memories possibly remain with your spirit? If my neuron based memories are left behind how do I know who I am? Maybe memories are not neuron based? I'm no neuroscientist but I've read that is the current thinking based on functional MRIs.

There's much I don't know but I don’t imagine my spirit will be able to read my blog in the future.

Is the sentient source of your conscious your spirit?

Do you have the spirit to keep reading this post?

my conscious is more fractal than circular

Now I just looked up the word epistemology (BTW it’s the study of the nature of knowledge) but I do recall reading this word before so I must have been reading something related to it.

So this branch of philosophy deals with truth and belief. Afterlife spirits and belief are inseparable in my opinion. Actually, I consider opinion a big part of philosophy.

This post doesn’t suggest any answers. You should consult a Ouija board for these types of answers.

Browsing this subject around in wikipedia landed me on the philosophy of mind page. I don’t recall reading about so many “isms” on one web page before. One intriguing ism was Mysterianism which happens to named after the rock band, Question Mark and the Mysterians.

The main tenet for Mysterianism is that humans do not have the intellectual ability to comprehend consciousness. Meh, whatever, why bother?

Now I'm left wondering if I could score some grant money for my idea of blogism.

And she was drifting through the backyard
And she was taking off her dress
And she was moving very slowly
Rising up above the earth
Moving into the universe

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