Thursday, July 12, 2018


I might have an art problem.

art satire?

seeing art

Best art since sliced bread

But at least I didn't typo art with a leading 'f'. (I might have that type of problem too - but it's just dietary) You see I've always had a tough time enjoying art. I grew up misinformed about art. I thought art was only that serious stuff enjoyed by stuffy people. I enjoyed art without knowing it was art.

Fortunately I discovered public art, street art and other varieties as a young adult. There is actually a vast amount of freedom within art. Now I've never attended an art school but I don't see how anyone could fail if they just showed up for class. A student could argue that their "failed" art was just misunderstood. I fail to understand how it could be graded. Now outside of school it automatically gets graded by it's appeal.

looking for tree art

Certainly writing is an art.

I don't consider my blog an art form. It's just a form of hobby with a positive feedback loop (please comment). However, I wouldn't stop you from calling my writing art if you wish.

tree art

The idea for this post came from an email recently deposited in my inbox. Mitzi at Artsy took the time to email me about an old post of mine.

Honestly, I was suspicious about the email and came close to discarding it as another spam email.

She told me she was researching Olafur Eliasson and found a post of mine. Who's Olafur Eliasson, I wondered as I check out her story.

Gee, my art cred is better than I thought.

The referenced post of mine, "a new name for an old thing" featured a picture of Olafur Eliasson's art I took while visiting the Tate Modern in London (I had some great biz trips years ago). My post included a link to the Tate's page about his art display. But I didn't even bother to mention the artist. I don't remember names very well and certainly remember few artists names. I included the photo I took there because it supported the theme of the post which was imagination.

big eraser art

If you browse over to the Artsy site, you'll discover a plethora of art, art shows, and art news. They support and promote art and artists. And more importantly at least one person at Artsy discovered my blog.

Art can be fun. I don't have an art problem anymore but I still need to watch what I eat.

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