Wednesday, May 16, 2018

and now this

Hey things are not typically black and white. Most everything is within some range within a larger spectrum.

hopefully you see gumby with more blue that green

Remember that dress picture sent around the internet billions of times a few years ago? You know the one that was gold or blue and people just could not agree. That visual trickery one. Now there is an audio version of this mind twisting phenomenon.

Yanny vs. Laurel (actually I hear it more like yenny)

Search "yanny vs laurel pitch" on youtube and you'll find numerous clips that change the pitch which will have you hearing the other word.

It really comes down to your ears, the speakers you're using, and how your mind fills in unknown sounds for you.

Oh this whole experience reminded me of listening to "Paul is dead" by turning my Beatles LP backwards on my turntable.

While on youtube I also found this:

Creepy but made me stop and think.

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