Monday, August 14, 2017

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Short or long, I consider all my posts to be interesting. After all it's my blog.

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This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

So I was enjoying a new song by a singer/songwriter who tops my favorites list, Sheryl Crow. The song was "Alone In The Dark". It was the acoustic version and I actually find the full band studio version to be better. Ok, so what?

I spotted on that "magical-data-tracking" suggestion list offered by youtube a new song by Sheryl. Actually it was called a new instant song. What's an instant song? I don't care for instant coffee but this got my attention. The youtube title is "Sheryl Crow - "Dude, I'm Still Alive" (New Instant Song!) 28-07-2017". I'll include the clip at the bottom of the post.

The "Dude, I'm Still Alive" came about because of twitter and the announcement that Kid Rock is going to run for the Senate. As Sheryl often does, she wrote lyrics that match my thinking.

I like a president who's smart
And handles women with respect
Who doesn't tweet on the toilet
But perhaps waits for the Reagan desk

Here's a link to a Sheryl Crow fan web site with more background on the creation of this song.

Oh for more info on my best fake picture used above - read this old post.

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