Monday, September 19, 2016

the answer to last week's puzzle

I do wish it was that easy. Life gets puzzling and then you just wait a short while for the answer to be given to you. All will be revealed. Life is not that easy. Instead, as you are working on the first puzzle a more urgent difficult one is thrown in your face. If you are lucky that first unsolved puzzle turns out not to really matter in the big scheme of things and is long forgotten.

the ice cream melts quicker than the beer warms

I enjoy Sudoku puzzles but after a few attempts on tough ones I just try my luck (and skill?) on a reasonable guess. Right or wrong the puzzle is thrown out.

more than socks are lost in life

Tougher life decisions can't always be thrown out either way. Maybe that's why we don't typically call them puzzles. Too often the game gets too serious to be called a game. Have you ever said, "I don't want to play that game anymore"?

Since the following is not possible, I find it fun to predict the hypothetical. What if a person named "None of the Above" was able to place their name on this November election ballots? I predict None of the Above would win.

This morning wasn't too puzzling but I did get a little bored so I whipped up this video clip. I strapped a spooky bear on a moving toy and filmed a few seconds. My biased opinion (all opinions are biased by definition) puts this clip in the funny category. Also, in the odd category. Probably not in the viral video category but who knows maybe I'll got lucky and stumbled onto the answer.

Oh BTW, the answer was 'C' and the question wasn't even multiple choice. Life is tricky like that.

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