Friday, July 08, 2016

typically skeptical

Back in 2010, I wrote about the intense confusion I felt just buying some shampoo (old post). I felt like I was at a fruit stand as I perused the shampoo selection. What is your favorite fruit smelling shampoo?

we need Cheetos shampoo to go with this lip balm

Given about 6000 plus years of cosmetic development, I suppose it should be expected that all types of concoctions are sold to enhance one’s looks. My skeptical side is always waiting to jump into my internal debate on the value of products. Those 6000+ years also provided lessons in refining the con-games.

Have I mentioned I trimmed up my shaggy head the other day? I imagine sheep being sheared when I go to the hair salon. This time I prepared an important question for the stylist: 

Does caffeine in shampoo provide any benefits?
(meaning benefits to the user not the manufacturer)

The background on this question was the recent bottle of shampoo the-one-shops-more-than-me brought home for my use. "... engineered specifically for men's hair. Enriched with caffeine ... gives a kick of active freshness" (what would dormant freshness smell like?)

I could tell the stylist wasn’t expecting my inquiry but I don’t work for 60 Minutes (I was a regular watcher of that show years ago) so I went easy on her. She did say it might have a skin tightening effect and is found in skin products. Her answers left me thinking more research is still needed before I post about it. (not that I promise any level of research for my posts. There are times I spin too much in my office chair and words are thrown onto my laptop.)

shampoo and time travel study

Well golly gee, this caffeine infused shampoo concept might not be flittershitters after all. (two months in a row with flittershitters used in a post - yes!)

Apparently there have been some real studies done on the efficacy of caffeine in shampoo. (just use the word efficacy in a paper and more people will pay attention)

A few words from that study abstract:

“...caffeine in concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005% were found to counteract the suppressive effects of testosterone on hair growth...”

Fortunately baldness has never visited my head so I doubt this caffeine will do anything for me. It might brighten my mind during my shower generating more cosmic questions for future postings. Hopefully, it doesn’t keep my hair up at night.

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