Friday, June 10, 2016

something to talk about

Let’s give them something to blog about. How about conspiracy?

I feel so foolish. I’ve often noticed. Too many people shared dumb conspiracy stuff on the internet.

Maybe they like a little mystery to figure out. Maybe many are just easily influenced/duped? (cue the Fool on the Hill song)

Even the fool on the hill could see the world spinning around.

What are you thinking? 
I am picking up thoughts from you. You recall me posting about this topic just a month ago. You're wondering if you read this already. (of course my ability to do this mind reading would require both ESP and reading the future as I write this)

Why yes, I did a post about how today’s internet connections allow many to propagate annoying self generated stupid and often hateful ideas as facts.

Today instead of speculating on the reasons, I’ll try my hand at creating two fake news items. Feel free to spread this post or just the fake news items if you like. Actually, I doubt many of you will since I have no indication that the readers of this blog follow conspiracies or fake news.

Fake news can be entertaining if you know it’s fake. I’ve enjoyed and still do enjoy the Onion’s fake news. Occasionally the Onion produced a few that poked fun of a topic that I didn’t agree was at all funny. Comedy is a tricky balance.

Hopefully, I will not have started a conspiracy that started the whole world crying. That of course would mean that I didn’t see that the joke was on me.

Here’s my two fake news stories:

TSA requested to monitor restroom usage
North Carolina’s Secretary of Public Safety has requested the TSA be assigned to monitor public restroom usage. Recently a group opposed to the discriminatory bill HB2, asked how the enforcement of this law would work. The Public Safety head answered that the TSA is being requested to assign agents to check credentials of restroom users. “The TSA has a vast experience of handling long lines of anxious people”, he said. (in a related story Dolly Parton offered her opinion and possible new song lyrics - “I just know if I have to pee, I’m gonna to pee. I don’t care where it’s going to be.” link)

Lisleman replaced by a billy goat
Local woman fed up with her lazy husband has replaced him with a billy goat. Her husband called 911 to request police assistance. He says in the call, “It makes no sense. Long ago I was the troll in a parade. I chased the billy goats during the parade. If anything I should be replaced by another troll, not a billy goat.” The chained up billy goat gave no response.

People are blogging. Blogging about people. I read their posts. You won’t believe it. Now they have at least two more things to blog about.

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