Wednesday, March 09, 2016

donald goldfinger

This post might just ruin a great classic James Bond film.

Before I jump into comparing and conjecturing about a celebrity candidate, I want to be clear about my intention here. This is not a persuasive post. (once I wrote a persuasive type post about Sheryl Crow) I’m not recommending anything for anyone. I love puns but I’m no pundit. I have my opinions and you have yours. Now this post could certainly be considered political. I rather think of it as political satire.

diversity in your crayon box is desirable

Back in my crazy thrilling teen years (many thrills but mostly spills) my favorite movies were James Bond flicks. A cool and smart spy who would say witty lines and drive a fast well defended car. You could quickly get gadget envy learning how 007 was equipped.

During a bit of youtube watching I came across a clip from “Goldfinger” where 007 is about to be sliced in two by a hot laser. (here’s a link if interested)

Then I noticed something, possibly something that has gone unnoticed until now (good for Lisleman’s Broken News feed) - Donald Trump is a the doppelganger of Goldfinger. I would say evil twin but I’m sure which one is evil. Now a comparison of a politician to a fictional character is not new. Remember the “Dark Vader” vice president we had in the early 2000’s?

unique hair styles attract

While not a perfect matching set, Goldfinger and Donald have a similar look and here are a few other similarities:

  • They both were successful business tycoons running global companies.
  • They were both low rate actors.
  • They both enjoyed golf.
  • They probably both have the same balding pattern but you can’t tell with Donald due to his weird hair style.
  • Both had private jets. (bonus points for the name of Goldfinger’s pilot)

The trait that really matched them up in my mind - obsession with gold! In the following clip you'll learn that Donald's jet has gold plated seat belts.

Goldfinger had a heart of gold and a kiss of death. Donald has plenty of gold things.

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