Tuesday, November 24, 2015

life is a rock

Some days I feel like my head is being squeezed against one. Then there are the days I feel like one fell on my foot. The best days are when I’m standing/sitting on one.

I got the best of these rocks

At least nobody has been throwing any rocks here.

Now I know you can't tell from my blog that I’m a slow talker. My pauses are not timed for dramatic effect either. No they just offer many opportunities for others to jump in and take control of the conversation.

Life is a rock.

If you were around listening to top rock and roll back in the 70’s you might recall the single by Reunion (just an ad hoc group of studio musicians), Life is a Rock But the Radio Rolled Me.

This music clip is a good example of the other extreme of my slow talk, quick patter set to music. Oh if you can’t pick up all the musical references in the song go over to wikipedia. They are listed out over there (link).

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