Sunday, October 25, 2015

retro looking

Oh I could have titled this throwback posting or something more catchy. Here in a few months we will become the land of ice and snow again. But the reason for this post is not the season. Recently I enjoyed a PBS show about the brain which of course included findings about memory. This and perhaps the change in the weather gave me an idea or the reason.

What if I reread all of my 2012 posts would it bring back anything? Just rereading a few posts brings back memories and old thoughts. In my last post of 2012, I wrote:

when I was younger
so much younger than today
I never needed anybody's help in anyway

Any Beatle fan will recognize those lines from the song “Help”. (here’s the post link if interested) If you have followed this blog, you’ll know I’m often puzzled and inspired by lyrics.
Why am I soft in the middle now?
Why am I soft in the middle the rest of my life is so hard?

climb up see more but you still can't see the future

Some people look back much more than others. Some study the past and make a good career of it. Do you recall those few studying (actually I doubt anyone doing a serious study was involved, just new age book sellers) the Mayan calendar that predicted the big end for all of us would be Dec. 21, 2012? Little did the Mayans know that social media would latch on to this craziness since clicking likes and reshares have become so easy today. I’m so happy I posted my view of that. Now I can go back and reread it in 2015. (here’s the post link if interested)

we just had back-the-future day

Back in Dec. 2012 I wrote:
I just don’t get it. Had I gotten it, would I had known I did?

In that post I pondered the possibility of my old duffel bag becoming trendy. (here’s the post link if interested)

She loves me like a rock

Throughout blog history man has marveled at the vast richness of A Few Clowns Short postings. Ok, it’s my blog history. But I do marvel that I was able to make a post from the phrase “in a world”. (here’s the post link if interested)

Oh BTW, going back and reviewing my posting while triggering memories also frustrates me with all the broken/removed youtube clips.

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