Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween fun

In the paper (you know that thing you can read but comes from natural trees and doesn't need to be plugged in) today there was a story about Halloween in this one Chicago neighborhood where the local churches bus the kids in.  Homes can get a 1000 or more visitors. Too much traffic I think but it would be an event to see the street filled with costumed kids.

In the story the term "Halloween hater" was used. I guess they are out there but I don't understand why anyone would be a Halloween hater.  Yeah, you might not get into the spirit of spirits and costumes but a hater? I suspect anyone like that probably hates kids too.

Halloween should be fun and enjoyed.

Our youngest much more than a decade ago

Did you see this youtube clip of a brave sister sticking up for her older brother?  Funny

There is something happening this weekend much scarier than the ghosts, skeletons, and political characters out on Halloween - Daylight savings change disaster arrives Sunday morning. Be prepared.


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