Thursday, April 02, 2015

disneyfy my fragments

Close encounters of the fragment kind. Are you old enough to remember that sci-fy movie? Please enjoy your close encounter with my fragments of thought. More posts of the fragmented nature can be found at Mrs. 4444’s blog.

Do you go back and review your own old posts? I suspect most bloggers do at times. A blog does serve as a record. Today I was browsing through a few old posts and came across a post about this interesting blog I had found. Was it still there?, I wondered. Yes, it still offers up the same interesting pictures as it did before. The blog is called Awesome People Hanging Out Together (I included the link if you wish to click on the name).

Here’s a recent picture from the site. The blonde that Bill Hader appears to be dropping on her head is Amy Poehler. The pictures are posted with just the celebrities identified. No explanation. What do you think happen to create this scene? Did Amy just suddenly leap into the air?

The following celebrities are goofing off in this picture, Andy Samberg, Nick Offerman and wife Megan Mullally, Adam Scott, Bill Hader, Bill Murray, Paul Rudd, and Amy Poehler

It occurred to me the other day that much more of my life has been lived in the 20th century. I don’t realistically expect to be around in my upper nineties so I’ll always be a last century man. Some days I’m as mixed up as a vegetarian cattle rancher. Then there are days I’m off my mental reservation. Would those be the better days to blog?

Smartphone people - all swipe and no talk.

I don’t know if it is an official word. Disney (that big media company) has disneyfied many stories and even animals. That’s not all bad depending on the age of the audience. I suppose cute dwarfs living together in the forest is fine for childhood fantasies. Hopefully as an adult, one would know not to address a real person with the dwarfism medical condition as Happy or Sleepy. Also, many of the old folk tales would not be politically correct today. I do remember getting a book of original folk tales and discovering that some of the stories were not so appropriate for our kids night time reading.

The reason I mention this is my recent discovery of foot mutilation in the Brother Grimm's tale of Cinderella. The wonderful internet will quickly produce many references to original versions of the Cinderella story that include the stepmother instructing her daughter to cut their foot (toe heel) so the slipper will fit. The stepmother tells them once they are queen they will not need to walk.

While I would not want to discuss this type of thinking with young children, I do think older teens might benefit from a discussion of extreme actions like this. Also, I find it very interesting and puzzling that the original tales would include it.

Oh maybe this will help you remember that movie:

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