Thursday, February 12, 2015

Saint Friday Fragment

It could happen. You have a good fragment of a thought and it falls into the digital cracks of the internet. Well if you like poking around the nooks and crannies of the web then browse over to Mrs. 4444’s blog around the end of the week. You discover plenty of links to fragments of thought.

not my thinking cap

BTW - what exactly is a cranny? Do grannies have more crannies?

“wear your heart on your sleeve” - I recently learned this phrase comes from the time of Saint Valentine. (from the Smithsonian site)

In the Middle Ages, Emperor Claudius II (he executed the priest Valentine on Feb. 14) believed unattached men made better soldiers and like all good emperors he needed a vast supply of soldiers.  So he declared marriage illegal.  As a concession, he encouraged temporary coupling (modern term hookups?).  Once a year, during a Roman festival honoring Juno, men drew names (very romantic of those Romans) to determine who would be their lady friend for the coming year.  Once established, the man would wear her name on his sleeve for the rest of the festival.

I say wear your heart on your blog.

the belfie - have you heard? Hint, it rhymes with selfie. At first, I thought belly pictures and I certainly have plenty of belly to show. No I was wrong, it’s the backside. Actually there is a product (currently sold out?) that holds your smartphone and can be bent to capture your great behind. I’m not sure cameras on sticks holds much promise for our future.  What do I know?  I just know I'm constantly amazed by what sells.

Now squirrels giving up on the bird feeders, that’s a picture worth sharing.  Enjoy my squirrely.

Hi ho hi ho -  hi oh ouch, even these lego guys have smoother moves than me.

Not so deep thoughts: 
I do believe positive thinking works much better than negative thinking. However, you do need to connect both the negative and positive to get your battery charged. Just saying, I have no idea if it means anything.

I cut through a strawberry field once. It was a bit like a strawberry shortcut.

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