Tuesday, January 06, 2015

my if then life

It’s a logic condition that hides clues and leaves me clueless. This condition comes from the over use of conditional statements.

Yeah, I like math (or maths if you like British terms). Math doesn’t work with emotion but solving a tough problem mathematically can be exciting. Technical training, and engineering school taught me to seek the solution, test the conditions. Errors are overcome by building in a margin of error tolerance.

Tolerance is a useful lesson. Estimation is handy.

The ability to derive multiple outcomes based on variable conditions benefits your travels through the unknown future.  What outcome will the unexpected inputs cause?

I find it ironic that the classic introduction to C programming is a program to display “hello world”. Really a C program is not the best way to greet the real world.

Limited if-then thinking doesn’t allow room for emotional surprises. Programming a microcontroller is great but what will it be able to control? If we were robots life would be boring.

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