Thursday, January 29, 2015

football fragments less than super

The big game is almost here.  It seems the superbowl gets more super every year.  Not that the game itself is getting better.  There has a been many years when the game wasn't a close match and slightly boring.  There is really two competitions - football and ads.

This blog has some international readers and I'm curious what they think of our hyped-up superbowl game.  Please leave comments below.

I don't suspect there will be a superbowl of Friday Fragment posts.  Mrs. 4444's blog would be the place.  I'm please FF posting is not competitive.  I like relaxed posting for the fun of posting.

an ad from a superbowl long ago

Are you serving deflated balls at your superbowl party? This NFL Patriots ball controversy - All I know during my career I hated working with guys that had over-inflated balls. They were typically full of hot air and BS too.

Here’s a funny play on the deflated balls I found on youtube:

How big is heaven? Plenty of room to move around and check out new people and places? I hope so. Perhaps it would be best if she-who-owns-our-calendar and I don’t both end up there at the same time. We could use a little break. Our modest home has been our home over our whole marriage. Now I spend more time within its walls than ever. The cold of winter makes it more confining than the rest of the year. Business travel use to offer breaks occasionally during the year. I’m sure whoever arrives in heaven first will greet the second one with “what the $#&% are you doing here already?”.

I've hit a recent low on new ideas.  While pondering I recalled that it has been over a year (fall of 2013) since my last gadget video clip.  Well let me know if I have dropped even lower.  My first 2015 clip:

Regular readers know I love trying my hand on a parody. I don’t typically mess with recent hits but I might.
Because you know I’m all about that blog,
about that blog,
no twitter!

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