Monday, December 29, 2014

old age sign

First off, what the hell is “old age”?

You will not find a precise definition. We all have varying degrees of health and attitude. (also some might cheat with better drugs)

a road less traveled

This end of year holiday season found me recently meeting a half a dozen former co-workers for beers one evening. I am the second oldest one of this exclusive group.

Here’s my possible sign of age. We met at a local sports bar. Not one of those big chains. Also it was not a “breastaurant” (did you know there is a wikipedia page for this term?). The place had good beer and food. My problem was the noise. I didn’t expecting the quiet of a fancy restaurant but a level less than busy commuter train station or floor of a sheet metal factory would have been nice. I must also point out that I’m not a sports nut. If a Chicago team gets into a championship I’ll pay attention, otherwise you better have free tickets or great deal to attract my attention. Fair weather fan is not a bad term.

My question - is finding noise a nuisance during a get-together a sign of old age?
Carrying on conversations even across the table was stressful and difficult. Forget yelling down to the end of the table - no way.

I have heard that background noise is known to become a greater problem for older people.

On the bathroom scale of problems this is really nothing but a small annoyance. It’s a small first world suburban guy problem. Good thing I don’t need to be able to hear you all the way over here. Just reading your comments will work fine.

(not really related - so you know how one thing leads to another and another on the vast internet? Breastaurant lead me to this comedy clip from Amy Schumer)

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